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screenshotsIf you haven't played Golden Balls online yet, you're missing out. Just like the cult TV game show of the same name, the Golden Balls online game offers plenty of suspense and big cash prizes.

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History of Golden Balls Online

screenshotsThe Golden Balls online game is based on the cult TV game show of the same name.

For those who missed it first time round, Golden Balls was broadcast on ITV1 between 2007 and 2009. It was presented by Brummie comedian Jasper Carrott but the real stars of the show were the eponymous golden balls. Some of these contained up to £75,000 while others had far smaller amounts and a few were so-called Killer Balls that reduced jackpots by 90 per cent.

The popularity of the TV series has led to several spinoffs, including a Nintendo Wii version, an interactive DVD game, a board game and a card game. For web-savvy fans, however, it's tough to look beyond the Golden Balls online game. That's because it gives players the chance to compete for actual cash prizes, which really ratchets up the suspense levels. Suspense was what made the Jasper Carrott-fronted TV show so special, and it's what sets apart the Golden Balls online game from your typical internet gaming fare.